Saturday, 27 March 2010

Evolving Odeon

Thank You and Goodnight.  As the sign says, the Odeon in Renfield St opened in December 1934 and closed in January 2006.
Well, not a bad aspiration: a Cleaner Safer Better Glasgow


  1. Do U not have spell check. Nearly all of U'r sites have spelling mistakes.I don't mind, but doesn't say much 2 foreigners of our education.Cheers

  2. Many thanks Anon for spotting 'Odean' - that is embarrassing! Duly corrected. The problem with spelling mistakes in older posts is that I wrongly believed that once posted you couldn't change the text without making the old post a new post.

    I have now discovered this is rubbish - that I can go into 'Edit' and make corrections and then do 'Update' and the text is corrected without making a new post (I am not very good at this).

    I am going to go into them all at some point and check all spelling. I am indebted to you for this one in particular, and will gladly take any more you have found. Feedback such as this is very welcome.