Saturday, 19 June 2010

Lobey Dosser Day

Lobey Dosser Day is part of the West End Festival -,129/events/lobey_dosser_day/

This is the blurb for the 19 June 2010 event:

'After the unprecedented success of last year, there will be another celebration of the life and good times of Bud Neill, cartoonist, poet and boulevardier sans pareil. There will be an exhibition, readings, a virtuoso trumpet piece by John Maxwell Geddes especially written for Lobey and Rank Bajin, Jim King on guitar, Dave Anderson on piano, Jimmie MacGregor, Colin Irons, costumed heroes and villains and carryings-on of unprecedented jollity. There will be a free purvey, free booze (some) and free love, the last on a self-service basis only. And you get to be a sheriff of Calton Creek. Free event, although bringing some cash might be wise, as there will be stuff for sale.
Sponsored by the Famous Grouse. Meet at Lobey's statue in Woodlands Road at 1pm or 2pm and afterwards at the Uisge Beatha'
Lobey Dosser was the creation of the great Scottish cartoonist Bud Neill: for details of the cartoonist and his creations see

West End Park St looking up to Woodlands Rd. . .
. . .where you can just about see the Lobey Dosser directly under the tree on the right (for the Church tower in the distance see Churches (Park)
Looking down West End Park St from the statue. . .
. . .on the left, where a wee group is gathering for the 2pm procession (there is one also at 1pm) to the Uisge Beatha down on the right

Erected in 1992, this is the world's only 2-legged equestrian statue
El Fidelda leans over the plaque for Bud
Lobey Dosser
Rank Bajin

The Halt bar where Lobey nights have been held

Not sure why Lenin is here - he would never in a million years have got what Lobey is about
The Posse heads off. . .
. . .down the road
. . .crossing in an orderly manner. . .

. . .to the Uisge Beatha, Lobey hosts 

A Calton Creek sheriff (oh and see Calton)
Amazingly, on an earlier occasion the local cops asked our doughty sheriff to put those guns away.

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