Friday, 25 May 2018

All Under One Banner 3

'How these curiosities would be quite forgot, did not such idle fellowes as I put them down.'

- John Aubrey

'Oh roads we used to tread,
Fra' Maryhill to Pollokshaws - fra' Govan to Parkhead!

- Kipling, 'McAndrew's Hymn'

'Photography can be a mirror and reflect life as it is, but I also think that perhaps it is possible to walk like Alice, through a looking-glass, observe the puzzles in one’s head and find another kind of world with the camera.' - Tony Ray-Jones

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It s Saturday 5 May and we are off to Kelvin Way to see the start of the All Under One Banner indy march.  As before, if you are in the pics and want a full res copy, just ask. 

For the BBC account see

For last yeat’s march see

All Under One Banner 2

Walking down Kelvin Way

The steward is draped with Tommy Sheridan's Solidarity banner. Sheridan, one of the most divisive figures in the indy camp,  will be speaking on the platform at Glasgow Green. 

Seeing a few of the Rape Cult placards about.  

Though of course this chap won't know what the SWP is, he just agrees with the message.

Catalonian flags will also be much in evidence  here of course, and there are also a few Palestine ones, despite the fact that  the Catalan leader Puigdemont has tweeted his admiration of Israel as an inspiration to Catalonians.

A Spanish tourist bus. Has it brought Catalonians?

Note the Auntie Fanny leaning against the fence

Dog and unicorn

Man with a flag

Dog looks right
Dog looks left

For a fine debunking of myths about Thatcher  and Scotland see

Here we go, march setting off
Here comes the march

Sean Clerkin of those merry madcaps the Scottish Resistance gives a Victory sign. Note the saltire with Euro stars. There are fewer of them this year, as the nationalists have begun to twig that the EU leadership does not like separatists

Improbably, most Scottish nationalists have no idea that Fawkes' main intention was not to blow up Westminster but to 'blow the Scots back to Scotland'

By 'Red Tories' they mean Labour 

Plenty more to come, but think we'll call it a day. It means we miss the charming 'Tory Scum Out'  banner 

Flyer handed to me at the roundabout. What to say about the rally?
- crowd bigger than last year, cops say 35,000 which for once I think is  an overestimate,  but creditable turnout
- it's an overwhelmingly white crowd, and also not a young one, overall
- as noted earlier, less saltires with  Euro stars then before
- Tommy Sheridan will be on the platform later, which means many who might have attended did not
- Sturgeon's  repsonse later to the rally is to tweet a thumbs up sign, a minimal gesture of approval. Curious