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Govan is south of the river. See Clydeside, Cessnock and Kinning Park, and Ibrox.
This almost derelict yet still delicate wee alien-like thing, in front of the 'new' Govan church (see Churches), is a fountain 'erected by the inhabitants of Govan in affectionate remembrance' of Dr John Aitken, who died in 1880. Like much of Glasgow, the fountain (which had a cherub on top until the late 1980s) needs restoration. See

Nice bike and broken-down bog
Govan subway station - looks like a piece of plastic from an old child's toy garage but on a bigger scale

Govan Cross Shopping Centre- a basic construction
The Pearce Institute in Govan Rd. From their website: '. . . gifted to the people of Govan in 1906 by Lady Elizabeth Pearce in memory of her husband, Sir William Pearce, Chairman of the Fairfield Shipbuilding Company and Govan’s flamboyant first Member of Parliament. The Category ‘A’ Listed building was designed by the eminent architect, Sir [Robert] Rowand Anderson, and is a striking example of Edwardian architecture.' See
Sir William with an important piece of paper. From some angles, he looks as if he is lifting the front flap of his coat - a statuesque flasher

Outside the entrance to the old church graveyard, looking down at Govan Cross
Govan war memorial
The Men of Govan - they built some of the world's biggest ships - and died in their thousands in the service of their country
The old church behind the tree
A tumbled over monument

The back of the Institute from the graveyard
An imposing 1898 wall
Old Govan school

No buttons to press - and only fading memories of those who would have once answered

This is the old Govan Town Hall, now the home of Glasgow Film City, a site dedicated to developing film production in Glasgow. See

Back view. I've auditioned to be an extra in several movies and adverts in this building and even appear in some. (Films usually pay badly, ads are good money.)
Interior alcove.

The Digital Media future

Scottish Water. I wonder what the Victorians - who built the amazing system bringing water from Loch Katrine to the city - would make of sights such as this. We are no longer shocked by such sights

View down Whitefield Rd

Town Hall down there on the left

A cutaway

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