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Welcome to my wee photoblog on Glasgow, where we feature the joys and unjoys of walking and cycling through a fascinating, beautiful and often badly run city. For the blog's origin and an alphabetical list of posts see the 'Introduction' post -
For later Gorbals entries, see
Gorbals 2
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This is us heading down Cathcart Rd towards Gorbals from Govanhill on the afternoon of the Scottish Cup final 15 May 2010; see
Note The Glasgow Boys poster on taxi for the exhibition at Kelvingrove Museum - fab exhibition
Actually, we'll still be in Govanhill for a while, but a Govanhill with no houses. Railway building on left
Road expansion going on
Railway tracks (obviously)

Red, white and blue cranes - is someone making a point?

On our left: this will be a road some day

View back

No idea what this is - it clings to the ground like the alien on John Hurt's face
'Dalmarnock' - more of a Mordor than a Shire word
Some forms of martial art make a thing about being essentially peaceful. That's probably not what's going on here.

We are at the junction of Caledonia Rd (on your left) - and Aikenhead Rd (on your right). Straight ahead is the Kidston Terrace block of flats that epitomises the 'New Gorbals'. The Gorbals (like Calton) has had a bad press, but has a thriving community - see
The Gorbals has some marvellous buildings and churches, a world-famous theatre (see Citizens), one of the biggest mosques in Europe (see Churches etc), and the shell of one the finest religious buildings anywhere

Aikenhead Road

This is 'the Gatekeeper'

There's a few of these sculptures on the wall - think they're called 'birdcatchers'
The fabulous Alexander 'Greek' Thomson Caledonia Rd church. This shell is all that remains of one of the greatest church buildings in the world. See

The Brazen Head on left - a famous Celtic (FC) pub

Now in Gorbals St. . .

. . .a building screaming for renovation

. . .Gorbals multistories. . .

. . .and The Citizens Theatre - see also Taggart
The Citizens Rose Garden

Now in Norfolk St
Glasgow Centre for the Deaf

A Rangers pub, in case you were wondering

Bridge St heading towards City Centre
Bridge St Undergound - single to Kelvinbridge, please
See also

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