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As Wiki says, Hyndland is a 'prime residential area in the fashionable West End' of the city.  This is where footballers who cannot quite afford the big country hoose live, as do  head teachers on their second marriages,  Glasgow Uni lecturers and the occasional drug lord. All very douce on the surface, with a tiny hint of Taggart  underneath. see
See also Hillhead and West End.

One Devonshire Gardens, a decidedly upmarket hotel with  Scotland's most famous restaurant. This is where Edinburgh advocates eat when they have to come to Glasgow, and is where Bob Dylan stays when he comes to town

Gt Western Rd - the road out of the city

A wee row of shops on Hyndland Rd. Note the two wee Scotties. . .
. . .good boys waiting for mummy while she gets People's Friend - the mag for Scots ladies of all classes

Hyndland Bowling Club
Clarence Drive

Clarence Drive again 

Clarence Lane: as with many of the wealthier parts of the city, many Hyndland  lanes have a fur-coat-and-nae-knickers look about them. If this lane was in Govanhill, passers-by would doubtless tut-tut about Roma and self-respect

An icy day this side of Gt Western Terrace. . .
. . .quite nice this side however

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