Monday, 15 November 2010

Welcome to Glasgow 2: the Yoker Rd

Welcome to my wee photoblog on Glasgow, where we feature the  joys and unjoys of walking and cycling through a fascinating, beautiful and often badly run city. For the blog's origin and an alphabetical list of posts  see the 'Introduction' post  -

Today is 10 November 2010 - we are heading down Anniesland Rd to walk west along Dumbarton Rd to Yoker
Anniesland Rd (like Dumbarton Rd stretching east there)  is quite long; for Anniesland see
The area we are in is West Scotstoun, and we are turning right under the bridge
And first right under the bridge is  a building being demolished at the top of Plean Street

Looking back down to Dumbarton Rd
Nice curvy deco-ish building

The crane pecked at the building like an extremely lethargic predatory bird

Looking west

1967 Dumbarton Rd; an evocative address. These curved buildings were erected in 2007 for Loretto Housing Association. See

The beast has an implacable eye as well as hungry jaws
The flats had to be pecked away,  as it wasn't safe to blow them up as happened  at Sighthill. See

Satellite dishes reaching for the Sky

Went down to take close-up pics but it is private land and was ordered off by a security guard. Security guards in Glasgow are commonly like  Hobbes' definition of life - 'nasty, brutish and short' -  but this guy was OK

Desirable dwellings going up
Took a swing left down Belldale Rd to look at the Clyde

Heading back up to main drag
Yoker Park

The WWI memorial 

Heading west again
Dappled light
Looking back

Yoker Ferry Rd on left - panorama stitch not too bad but you can see one of the joins

Kelso St straight up heading towards Garscadden (Donald Dewar's old constituency)

Yoker Community Campus and Resource Centre. See

Yoker Evangelical Church. People talk of the decline of religion, yet the various evangelical churches seem to be doing fine

Bouverie St - where Marge Simpson's sisters emigrated from?

Yoker Parish Church

A fine home to let

The Lovat
You are now leaving Glasgow
Looking back into Glasgow

Welcome to Glasgow
Welcome to West Dunbartonshire

The Boundary Bar. This is where, in early 2010, Steven Purcell,  the then leader of the Labour council in Glasgow - the most powerful politician in the west of Scotland - came to buy his cocaine. See
Possibly Mr Purcell thought that as the pub is a few feet outside the city boundary the deal wouldn't count. See also

Looking into Glasgow
Looking out of Glasgow
Walking back in. . .
. . .we turn right and head down Greenlaw Rd

Note signpost: for the Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond head left. folks 

A spent rocket
This is - let us remind ourselves - the Clyde path for cyclists and walkers. Not so Bonnie Banks
Renfrew Ferry
Before ploughing through the debris on the path we take a short walk back westward

The Titan Crane towering over Clydebank
Looking east into the city

An Emirates jet taking off from Glasgow Airport

A pair of Clyde swans

Pre-used toilet seat going spare

Swan on right kept giving me glances - have nothing for you my dear

There used to be a house on the right like that one - burned down by vandals

Turning left here to see the Renfrew Ferry
Signpost No 7

Apologies for the finger-like blur at the top left which appears in a few of these pics - the camera strap!

There has been a Clyde ferry at this point since the 14th century. See
Clydelink  now operate  the (unsubsidised) Renfrew Ferry service with a small 12-seater boat.  There is really no excuse for the council not doing something about the clatty environment in which the ferry has to operate. The Renfrew Ferry should be a tourist attraction, and would be so in any other major city  - this is all wrong.

The Ferry skipper

Heading back up Yoker Ferry Rd

Back into Dumbarton Rd
Businesses Open as Usual


  1. Guerrilla gardeners are badly needed in Glasgow. I think the movement started in a run-down area of New York hence spelling.
    You've listed an area as East Dunbartonshire but it's West D. daaaahling, big difference ;-)

  2. What is the snowman/lighthouse building in the second last photo, can one live there ;-)

  3. Ohh well spotted Al have changed - the photo says West so of course I typed East typical.

  4. Al@
    'What is the snowman/lighthouse building in the second last photo, can one live there ;-)'

    It's part of a ship no idea what it does!

  5. The second last picture is of a Type 45 Destroyer