Monday, 8 March 2010


Anniesland is an intriguing wee district at Anniesland Cross, at the junction of Gt Western Rd and Crow Rd

The Ascot cinema - a lovely art deco building - was built in 1939 and must have been the perfect place to watch Fred dance with Ginger. It became a bingo hall in the 70s and was demolished by the barbarians in 2001. The frontage was saved as a facade for the new blocks of flats behind it. See

Anniesland Court is Scotland's tallest listed building - It was built in 1968, and as Wiki says, the more famous Goldfinger-designed (and later built) Trellick Tower looks very like it

The tower from Great Western Rd

The Tower from the Morrisons carpark - see Churches for the Anniesland kirks

View down Gt Western Rd, heading into town
Ministry of something
Anniesland Mansions

The old public toilet in Anniesland Rd
This bit for Ladies

The top of Crow Rd

These were siting on the wall opposite the flower pot - looking for a good home

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