Thursday, 23 December 2010

Swingergate Day 44: Sherry Pleads His Case

Welcome to my wee photoblog on Glasgow, where we feature the joys and unjoys of walking and cycling through a fascinating, beautiful and often badly run city. For the blog's origin and an alphabetical list of posts see the 'Introduction' post -

It is 21 December and Tommy Sheridan is alone in the dock (Gail having been earlier acquitted of all charges) from where he has chosen to give his closing speech. The four earlier blogs on the Sheridan trial are
Swingergate Day 2: Tommy and Gail Sheridan on Trial
Swingergate Day 11: 'How's He No' Gettin' Drapped Aff?'
Swingergate Day 28: A Large Pinch of Salt
Swingergate Day 37: Andy Coulson Doesn't Slip Up

And I am typing this on 23 December, the day Tommy Sheridan is found guilty of perjury

Today, instead of ambling down Howard St and the Bridgegate, we are going to walk to the High Court by the Clyde

Heading down Dixon St

One day there will be flats or houses in this gap
Looking back at St Enoch Square
Looking off to the left down Fox St - that's the RC Cathedral down there

Looking west along Clyde St to Glasgow Bridge (and Bridge St) on left. The Broomielaw is further down under the railway bridge

The Clyde Walkway
We are walking east, this way

Looking back

Large snowball down there
Now at the Suspension Bridge

St Enoch Centre up there

The splendid RC Cathedral which we have only seen from the back in the Swingergate series

Fire engine on emergency call
Stockwell St on left;Bridgegate that road where the spire is; Victoria Bridge on our right

We are still heading along Clyde St

Wee dumpster or something heading this way beyond the railway bridge

It's turning into Merchant Lane. The city fathers want you to think rather of that more marketable metaphysical construct Merchant City, and not notice Merchant Lane
The delicate dome of Glasgow Central Mosque looks very pretty in the slanting winter light

Merchant Lane belongs to a world of older and wiser streets
Underneath the railway bridge is the enticingly entitled 'C'MON IN'

For the lost world of Paddy's Market and what used to be across there, see
Hardy joggers
Shipbank lane

Looking back
Hope House: home of the Salvation Army
Old High Court coming up

Albert Bridge

After merging the above two pics, the car on the left fades as it is about to hit the other
Glasgow Green

The statue honours Sir Wiliam Collins, founder of Collins Publishers, whose Glasgow office was in Cathedral St, just round the corner from our Collins St tenement (street named after Sir William). Somehow I became a senior editor at HarperCollins - Ave, Sir William

A fine Victorian gentleman he was - one of the many Victorians who created our world

A John Le Carre scene
For pics of the Green in summer see

Old High Court, Mortuary and the High Court: Death and Justice

The High Court is quiet - inside Sherry is going through his five-hour defence speech (mercifully in two parts)

Oh well; off we go

A forgotten crime story
Shipbank Lane again

Off along the Bridgegate we go

Inside the Bridgegate; this is the new Glasgow of style and the arts. . .

. . .and here next door is the old Glasgow. McGhee's - as they say, 'Quality, man'.

Back at St Enoch's

In the background, a sign says 'Well-hung beef'
Potato Soup, Roast Pork and German Goulash. And the best of a Veggie season to you also, mate.
Two more posts to go in this series

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