Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Mela 2010

The Glasgow Mela of 2010 seemed less busy for some reason - not sure why, was brilliant day and everyone was having good time, as at the preceding West End Festival. For the 2008 Mela, see

Fast food in the park

An excellent project; for the Roma in Glasgow see Govanhill,

The Labour councillor for Hillhead, Hanzala Malik, a Glasgow Council Medallion Man, one of the Big (and very wealthy) Beasts of Glasgow politics. He wears a City of  Glasgow Tartan tie. 

Hindi DVDs and Islamic tapes
'I hate Luv Storys' - the voice of young boys  everywhere

Sikh girls wearing Khalsa and Indian flags. For more on the flourishing Sikh community in Glasgow,  see Glasgow's Sikhs:

No need for much security at the Mela; as discussed at Mela 2008 (see link above)  the event is quietly but very effectively policed by Strathclyde Police. Nae neds here.

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