Friday, 18 June 2010


Maryhill is a large area (pop over 50,000) which runs for 7 miles alongside Maryhill Rd from St George's Cross to Milngavie and Bearsden. The old frontier of the Roman Empire, the Antonine Wall, runs through Maryhill park. See

Maryhill Rd from near the St George's Cross end - Taggart's Jaguar showroom on right (For the TV detective rather than the car salesman and for more pics of Maryhill Rd and its police station, see Taggart). At the top of the building at centre is a stone owl surrounded by the pigeons it is supposed to scare.

Bob Finnie's Cycles - once a landmark for Glasgow cyclists run by the Finnie brothers. . .

. . .became in 2009 a 2nd-hand shop called The Midden

Maryhill's fine Carnegie Library


  1. You always used to get your bike looked after at Finnie's, though I remember they did a couple of dodgy repairs ...