Sunday, 3 October 2010

Hidden Gardens: the Glasgow Harvest

The Glasgow Harvest was held on 28 August at the Tramway's Hidden Gardens. To quote the website
'. . .over a thousand people came to NVA’s first Glasgow Harvest at The Hidden Gardens, a celebration of social gardening and Glasgow’s biggest open air home-grown meal.
Everyone came with food, jam and creative containers and devoured the pakora on the Sharing Tables. 52 jars of jam were added to the glorious Jam Wall and shreds were torn off the homemade Sourdough bread. Batch upon batch of allotment grown soup was sampled, herby hair cuts were given by the 85A barbers and a lady built entirely from fruit and veg was marvelled at.'
For the Hidden Gardens, see

There was, alas, one wee note of discord in an otherwise harmonious day: one steward rather disapproved of children floating little boats made of leaves in the wee moat here and told them to desist. So it goes. You always get one. 

For the Tramway itself see

An artwork of jam jars

Flower Power Food
For the North Kelvin Meadow campaign see
Anarchy and Cress

Love it when clouds and sun get stronger at same time. The panorama stitching has worked well here apart from the chap in the middle who looks as if his shadow has escaped for a walk

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