Friday, 15 October 2010

Queens Cross and Firhill

Queen's Cross is an area of Maryhill where Garscube Road meets Maryhill Rd - see
This is the Dunard St playground built for Queen's Cross Housing Association, one of the most successful HAs in Glasgow. See
'Operating Rules' are a bit burnt out - sorry. Nice Rennie Mackintosh frame in honour of the area's Mackintosh connection (see below)

Maryhill Rd ahead. . .
. . .and the outstanding Charles Rennie Mackintosh church. See's_Cross_Church,_Glasgow
For pics of the interior see

Looking down Garscube Rd
Looking down Maryhill Rd
Advice to football supporters, illustrated with ball and a knife: 'Make the other team cry, not your mum'. The Glasgow campaign group Medics Against Violence

was founded by a young hospital doctor who realised that the number of blade wounds he and his colleagues were treating were not matched in the official figures of knife wounds: if a stabbing victim was treated in hospital but left without being in contact with the police, then as far as Strathclyde Police were concerned there had been no crime. Thanks to this campaign, the true scale of knife crime in Glasgow has become apparent. In 2009, the UN described Glasgow as having the fastest rising murder rate in western Europe -

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Jaconelli's Cafe, no longer owned by the family and perhaps not quite what it was, but famous still all over Glasgow for its ice cream. Italo-Scots are a forgotten minority in Scotland, yet they have contributed a great deal to Scotland, including in modern times the great violinist Nicola Benedetti and that sharp comic genius Armando Iannucci. For an Armando sketch resonant with every pre-digital telly Scot, see

Partick Thistle strip. . .
. . .and round the corner is Firhill Stadium, home of Partick Thistle, Glasgow 's most important football club. See
For the other two see

Looking back down to Maryhill Rd, church on left - imposing even in shadow
We are now in Firhill Rd. Never mind Sunshine on Leith, it can't match Sunshine on Firhill
Looking up Firhill Rd. . .
. . .looking down Firhill Rd

The Jags share their stadium with the rugby team Glasgow Warriors. see
Fo a while in the 80s there was an American Football team called the Glasgow Diamonds - can't mind if they had a Firhill connection but here anyway is their now legendary promotional video -

End of Firhill Rd up ahed at entrance to Ruchill Park
The Forth and Clyde canal. See

Young swan in Firhill basin. For more of the canal's swans see

Murano St
Panmure St off to right

Looking back down to the canal bridge

Ruchill Park (subject of next post)
Firhill Community Room; Benview St on right

Heading back down

So overexposed I resorted to sepia again I'm afraid. Note removal advert on the left.
Mud, Sweat and Gears

Path down to canal

Jaconelli's again

Church now inflamed by the sun

Couldn't resist looking at the above pic with reduced light - satanic enough for a Glasgow council meeting. The street lamps have become satanic eyes - looks like the devil at the end of Quatermass and the Pit


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