Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Hampden Park: Dundee United v Ross County Cup Final 15 May 2010

The Scottish Cup Final of May 2010 was an unusual one as neither Rangers nor Celtic were competing. The most remarkable cup game of the tournament had been the Highland team (and lower league inhabitant) Ross County's 2-0 victory over Celtic in the semi-final. Thousands of Ross County fans came down for the final on 15 May (the town of Dingwall was practically empty this day). Above are a couple of young fans in Ross County blue in Battlefield Rd (Dundee United flag in background). . .

. . .which was thronged with fans of both clubs on their way to Hampden park, just up the road. Unlike matches involving Rangers or Celtic, the atmosphere was universally friendly - both sets of fans mixed happily

Mount Florida station - resplendent in an orange indistinguishable from Dundee United's tangerine - a portent?
Pubs along the way such as Florida Park were doing great business, yet I only saw one drunk (outside the stadium)

Now into Cathcart Rd. Dundee United fans are nickamed the 'Arabs' - see wiki for a discussion of the origin of the term (the team are nicknamed the 'Terrors')
Two interesting things to know about Dundee United - they have a 100% record in competitive matches against Barcelona, and their best-known fan is Zippy from Rainbow. The busy Clockwork Co in the background is a micro-brewery as well as a pub.

She 'stops the whole street with one wave of her hand'. Fine old Cathcart Rd Church of Scotland other side of the road

A cheery robot-style wave to his pal opposite the church

Approaching Hampden

Hampden at around 2 pm; crowds gathering for 3pm kick-off

Staggies is the nickname for Ross County. See

The Full Hampdy exterior from bus park

The police horses were popular. . .
. . .but useless at giving directions

Many Scottish football fans believe they have an affinity with Brazilian fans: this is unlikely to be a belief shared by many Brazilians
Superman is a Staggie

Love the wee guy with the big herr; a pure gallus Scot
A friendly Scottish gesture - an unfriendly one is when the kilt is lifted

This could possibly be an instance of carrying the whole 'Arab thing' a bitty too far
Unusually for a big Scottish game, Strathclyde's Finest were enjoying themselves

For some reason, this young police officer was frequently asked for advice

They were great fun these girls

Some Danish Ross County fans

The way into Hampden and the bus park

An all too literal approach to the Staggie headgear I fear. . .
The eyes on this bloody mask follow you around
A rare sighting of some neutral kilties

A fine Scottish face

A wee gloat from a Rangers fan - Scottish league champions. They didn't get far in the cup though.

Some manly horseplay; nothing gay going on here at all

They shall not pass

I love this picture. This is what Scots think they are and so rarely, as in this case, actually are - merry and friendly. Helps if you are young, of course. It is too late to save we older Scots

Meant to ask the guy with the charity buckets how they were doing; they generally do OK at cup ghames

Irish Arabs

You wait for an Osama for ages, then two come along at once

The guy with his hands up isn't surrendering - he and the other Arab just had their photie taken with the fair cop

Man levitating with a ticket

A Scooby Arab with a pet Pooh

Don't frighten the horses

A great flag

Scarves for sale

Careful now, Bananaman!. . .

. . .aww!

The Osamas arrive

Over here!

White horses and cup finals - the stuff of legend

Th wee girl would likely have preferred to stay with the horses

Nearly done

Into the ground

3 pm; a job well done. Strathclyde Police have decades of experience policing Orange and Republican marches as well as Rangers and Celtic games, and they are very good at preventative measures (see also Mela). That said, the crowd was superlatively well behaved. I saw only one drunk guy being shepherded around by his pal: a friendly cop came over and said 'take him away - if he gets into the ground it's an arrestable offence.'

Traders packing up

A last straggler coming in - DU balloon bouncing along

The result: Dundee United 3 Ross County 0


  1. Have just come across this blog and being a Dundee United fan i'd just like to say how happy i was to be able to see these great photos and remember one of the best days of my life
    It was a brilliant day back in May 2010,great friendly atmosphere was enjoyed by all,thank you for posting this blog,really enjoyed it....Davy DUFC

    1. Was a great day Davy! One for all Scots to be proud of.