Friday, 19 February 2010


Balloch is of course not in Glasgow, and sits at the foot of Loch Lomond. But it's only a short journey out and is a popular day trip for Glaswegians, so let's have it. This panorama is from the balcony over the shopping arcade. Unlike Glasgow, Balloch allows public drinking which means that drunks are not uncommon. We once saw the driver of the Balloch to Glasgow train get off to escort an incapable drunk out of the station and away from his imminent death on the tracks. 

Fishing in a Balloch cove

Ever since Braveheart, Scotland  has had lots of hairy buskers (see Street Performers) banging and piping away. This lot weren't half bad.

The Maid of the Loch - Loch Lomond's beautiful old paddle steamer. Now retired, she was the  paddle steamer  to be built in Britain (in 1953). See

Beautiful though it is, Loch Lomond has drowned a lot of Glaswegians. The waters are deep and cold and swimmers soon get into trouble. Ben Lomond can be seen behind The Maid of the Loch

The Sea Life Centre from the loch

There are lots of lovely walks round and about Balloch. It can be idyllic although again, watch for drunks and patches of vomit and avoid noisy bushes. 

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