Saturday, 20 February 2010

Taggart: Trials of an Extra part 1

Shooting a Taggart scene in the Royalty bar, Maryhill Rd. STV's Taggart began broadcasting in 1983 and is now the world's longest running police drama. The wiki entry seems reliable enough and there are devoted fan sites out there.

Blythe Duff (aka DS Jackie Reid) lends a hand

A bored extra (shoes model's own)

Maryhill Police Station, where Taggart is based. In the summer, you can sometimes spot Japanese tourists getting photographed in front of the building. See Maryhill.

Looking up Maryhill Rd from the Station

Oh, now here is what seems to be a mystery - how can a poor but honest cop afford a Jag? Relax Taggart fans - this is the House Number Plate at Taggart's Jaguar showroom, further down Maryhill Rd

The sign in the back of this cop car (in Kersland St, Hillhead) says 'FILM UNIT VEHICLE NOT IN SERVICE'' - police numbers may drop, but as long as it's running,  Taggart will provide a steady income for Strathclyde Police

The Citizens Theatre in the Gorbals, adapted for an episode of Taggart. I had to walk past the front while being filmed, and as I did so, a flock of wee girls aged about 10 in scarlet party frocks appeared from nowhere, and one shouted 'Whit is it Mister? Bet it's Taggart - rubbish intit?'
View of the Citizens stage, with Taggart props around

This looks like a Taggart scene but is actually a real investigation at the Forth and Clyde Canal bridge, Maryhill
The divers are looking for a body, after a report that someone jumped off the bridge

One cold morning in December 2009, I walked over the bridge from the Tall Ship (see Clyde River Festival) on the Clyde. . .

. . .and spotted what looked like a pair of legs behind that blue bin
Indeed it was a pair of legs, sticking out into Eastvale Place
Classic Taggart territory; who knows what is stored in those arches?
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  1. I like the Idea of a flock of wee girls appearing from "no where", well not like it so much as inspired by it.... demons from the air

    I know what is stored in those arches actually.

  2. 'I know what is stored in those arches actually.'

    Old amps Gus?