Monday, 22 February 2010

Sighthill Stone Circle

The Sighthill Stone Circle was erected in 1979 by the Glasgow Parks Department under the supervision of astronomer /  SF writer Duncan Lunan, and is claimed to be the first astronomically aligned stone circle in Britain for 5000 years. As a child (see Sighthill: Before the Fall) I used to play on here, the highest point in the the park, which we called Jack's Mountain. See

The circle should in theory  be a great tourist attraction, but is lonely, exposed, and your visit may be noted, even after the demolition of the Fountainwell Towers
The project ran out of money and was never completed
There are patches of faded  graffiti on some of the stones. . .
. . .which fit quite well against the background of towers. . .
. . .and while some graffitti is more recent, even the frolicsome  Glasgows Ned tend to avoid this place.
This point was quite probably of some neolithic significance. . .
. . . and the few visitors  who come may experience presences. . .
. . . inside and outside the circle
Up here there is not much in the way of trees or bushes but what there is looks fitting. . .

. . .sitting comfortably in a summit of rises, dips and hollows. . .

. . .and rising vegetation

This untrimmed attempt at capturing the whole thing is actually not too bad at its original 20Mb size; note  shadow of the author to the left of the first stone 


  1. I am Duncan Lunan and wondered if you wish to compare notes?

  2. Hi Eddie, you might want to try Hugin for your panoramas. It does all the work for you.

  3. Hi Stewart many thanks for the link- I have Photoshop Elements on the netbook but I feel an overwhelming sense of inertia when i think of editing the pics! Will give Hugin a shot.