Thursday, 1 July 2010

West End Festival June 2010

The 15th Glasgow West End festival took place in 2010, with the Mardi Gras parade being held on 13 June in Kelvingrove Park. Great fun. 
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Kelvingrove Park

The Falun Gong stall was one of the first to greet you as you came into a very busy Kelvin Way. I wish them well, but if you have kids with you be warned - their leaflets may contain graphic photos of mutilated bodies

Lovely dappeled light

Bilboards for the coming Mela - see

Note big zip

The start of the parade

Enlarged this from  previous pic - love the hoop frame, a tondo

One of the more surprising turns - the Wellcome Trust Centre for Molecular Parasitology 

Not sure what the box was about - a reference to Pandora's Box - as in a then current episode of Dr Who?

The water supply - much needed

End of parade

The parade ended up at Park Circus under the imperious view of Lord Roberts of Kandahar

Lord Roberts actually belonged to an older India than his  imperial statue may suggest - he was probably of  Indian descent on his mum's side
This guy was one of the best 'living statues' I've seen

Off on a water quest I found the statue getting frisky
Wee boys being wee boys
These two stood by the stage taking pics of each other's hidden faces  - there must be a web niche for Veilbook  surely

The dogs bark, and the statues move on. Class act this guy
As the day closed. rain began falling in slow drifts

The morning after

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