Sunday, 9 May 2010

Single Parent: Trials of an Extra part 2

Oh michty me! A lady being manhandled by two tough cops. . .
. . .but it's just we extras mucking about in a quiet moment during the filming of the BBC drama Single Parent - starring the former Doctor Who,  David Tennant
The  Science Centre (see Clydeside) has been transformed - rather convincingly - into an airport for a few days 
The volcanic ash had gone form the skies by this point in April 2010, but in any case none of the destinations on the board could be reached from this point
An empty space in the foreground, but up on the right is an aisle through which you pass a nun sitting next to a bunny girl, and a David Dickinson lookalike.  The latter is actually a Romany horse trader in real (as opposed to reel) life.

A stone's throw out on either hand
From that well-ordered road we tread,
  And all the world is wild and strange 
- Kipling
A home for Gromit - not part of the set, but part of a show. . .
. . .featuring Wallace and Gromit. See also

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