Thursday, 18 March 2010

Forth and Clyde Canal part 1

The Forth and  Clyde Canal was built in the late 18th century  and connects the Forth at Grangemouth with the Clyde at Bowling. The Glasgow section can be rather lovely, as I hope the following pics show. I used to commute by bike along the canal from Maryhill to Bishopbriggs every working day, so I have a lot of canal pics.  I have therefore split the canal bit of the album into two sections, this one and one consisting just of swan pics. See

The Stables, up about Bishopbriggs

Old buildings at Bishopbriggs

An amphibian on the canal path
Canal bridge from Maryhill Rd

Firhill basin 
Cycling back in the dark

At Maryhill 

looking up to Maryhill

(Camera strap at top damn it)

Lock 27 Anniesland

Barges at Maryhill

Fishing near Bishopbriggs
Fishing at Maryhill
A good spot he said. . .
. . .and very peaceful

Bridge at Maryhill. . .
. . .other side

Housing up near Firhill

From the Bishopbriggs bridge
Maryhill pedestrian bridge linking Maryhill Rd with student flats

The flats seen earlier in autumn sun - still very pretty in winter

Ruined dovecot by canal at Maryhill

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