Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Anderston is a very mixed district that extends from  the city into the City Centre -  this is a bit of Argyle St above. Some include Finnieston in the district  which I have hived off. See
Argyle St 2: undeveloped tenement and in Kevinhgaugh St, Sandyford Henderson Memorial Church

More Argyle St, Finnieston end

In town now; Anderston always seems to have fresh bits off it every time you visit
Robert Biggar: one of Glasgow's best-known pawnshops

Robertson St on the right

Bilslands bakery was opened in 1885 and closed in the 1980s; back view of what's left
St Vincent Crescent on left, Argyle St on right

I think this belongs in  Park district but I have also seen this bit described as the
 Anderston end of Sauchiehall St; boundaries are fluid. Royal Crescent on the right
Royal Crescent was built in the 1840s  - here is what it looked like then (horse and carriage long gone) -

The Gaelic School, reflecting the Henry Wood Hall - see

Beside  the school is Brechin St, where a smart new housing development by Glasgow West Housing Association (see opened on 16 November 2010. One of the incoming tenants gave one of the best short speeches I have ever heard on leaving  your old place  behind ('I'm leaving the window open') and moving on.
Burying a time capsule
A quiet lane

Sandyford Place Lane

The Daily Record Building at Anderston Quay

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  1. OOOPS - 9th pic down, 'St Vincent Crescent' should be 'Minerva St' - the Crescent actually starts just a bit up the street.

    Many thanks to Bobby McDougall for spotting it.