Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Woodlands (& Charing Cross)

Woodlands is the other side of Gt Western Rd from Woodside (Kelvingrove Park bounds it to the south and it ends here at Charing Cross . See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woodlands,_Glasgow

M8 motorway to Edinburgh on right

Woodlands Rd runs up the way, St Georges Rd is on right

St Georges Rd

The Cameron Memorial Fountain, and the old public toilet being photographed by Japanese tourists - who are possibly on their way to Maryhill Rd (see Taggart)

Clipped the top of fountain on last photo - here it is. It was built in 1896 and now - like many Glaswegians - has a noticeable list

Dopey Diner, Woodlands Rd

The world's only 2-legged equestrian statue was erected in Woodlands Rd in 1992 to commemorate Bud Neill, a genius in a characteristically Scottish surrealist tradition. The inscription on the statue reads
'Statue erected by public subscription on May 1st 1992 to the memory of Bud Neill, 1911-1970, cartoonist & poet, creator of Lobey Dosser, Sheriff of Calton Creek, his sturdy steed El Fideldo, resident villain Rank Bajin, and many other characters.' See Lobey Dosser Day

West End Park St

The Grow Glasgow site is here on your left

Note England flag top flat - day after Algeria 0 England 0

West Princes St

Junction of Woodlands Rd and Eldon St (left)

Lane up to Park Circus

Another lane up to Park Circus

Woodlands Drive

Melrose St - wee terrace between Queens Crescent and Gt Western Rd

Many of the beautiful Victorian terrace houses in this area are in a state of bad repair - two students died in a fire here in 2000

Overgrown fountain in Queens Crescent Garden

Walking along Woodlands Rd towards Charing Cross; the steeple of the Free Presbyterian church (see Churches) blazing in the evening sun

A few yards on, it began to fade - in ten minutes it was dark

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