Saturday, 13 March 2010

Red Road Flats part 2

On 7 March 2010, a family of three Russian asylum seekers committed suicide by jumping from the 15th floor of one of the Red Road Flats.

The Petershill Rd approach to the flats; for the welcoming poster on the right, see the earlier Red Roads blog and Bad 
The bus stop

A map to a world no longer there

The  Bonnybroom  Nursery School and Family Learning Centre For many in these blocks, this was a great place to bring up kids. Until unemployment and drug addiction ended the dream

The Shopping Centre - note the pub, the Brig,  below on the left. Closing time was several years ago

The back of the shops

The front of the shops
Red Road Women's Centre - the women here have done magnificent work for the community, including the asylum seekers

Licensed grocer

The Recreation Centre

The family threw themselves from the 15th floor of this block, after forcing a wardrobe through the safety netting

Asylum seekers gathered round in tribute on the 12th; for the march the next day, see Red Flats  part 3

'Working Together - Building Safer  Communities'.  The Christian churches have worked hard in this area, as has Strathclyde police. A common feeling among asylum seekers in Glasgow  is a mixture of surprise and gratitude at having police who treat them like human beings

A playground

The letter box 

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