Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Climate Change

The climate change march of 5 December 2009 (shown entering Kelvingrove Park)  was Scotland's first major  march designed  to draw attention to  climate change

A Father Dougal reference

A nice one this: global warming means brown bears and polar bears are merging territories  and interbreeding.  Protesting about interbreeding is perhaps an odd thing for liberals to do, of course. But as the poster suggests, if climate change is indeed happening then polar bears - the very symbol of the movement against global warming - will cease to be as distinctively white as they are now. 'Keep Bears White' doesn't sound quite as PC as 'Keep Bears Brown', of course
The march was almost entirely the Scottish white middle classes out in force (7-8000 of them)  and nice to see a trade union presence.

How all demos end
Cardinal Keith O'Brien - one of the speakers - being interviewd
A great band

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