Friday, 12 March 2010

Bridgeton Cross

The Crimson Star, London Rd, leading up to Bridgeton Cross - see,_Glasgow

This is a part of Glasgow not really for the tourists; the locals are friendly enough and the pubs tend to be well-ordered, but it is the heart of Loyalist Glasgow and has its own rules and customs. For the (very good) Bridgeton Heritage Trail see

This is the old Olympic cinema - closed in 1974. Bridgeton is being redeveloped (this taken February 2010) - some bits are being upgraded, other bits coming down

Looking back down London Rd from the Cross

Union flags fly from many windows

Bridgeton Barbers at the Cross; old-school Glasgow hairdressing

Built in 1875, this shelter here was for homeless people and vagrants. It had seating up until 1995; the council removed them to discourage people from hanging about - they were making the new Glasgow look messy. It's known as the 'Umbrella' and also as the 'Bandstand', as it's good place to watch the Orange bands march past in the summer.

Bit of Bridgeton railway station on left

Junction of Main St and Dalmarnock

Main St/ See also
for a a September view of the area

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