Friday, 12 March 2010

Bellahouston Park

Bellahouston Park is a large airy park south of Govan - see

This is  the 'House for an Art Lover': based on a  1901 design by Mackintosh, it opened in 1996 - see

The Bellahouston play area - like many such Glasgow play areas -  is oddly dispiriting: littered,  graffitoed and with signs of poor maintenance, they often give an impression of decay rather than play. . .

. . .and this looks like one of  the creatures from Starship Troopers

Overgrown garden or maze for little people or something

Long steps from the days when wheelchair access was unknown.
The park hosted the Pope's visit in 1982. A Protestant clergyman, Pastor Jack Glass (denounced by Ian Paisley as an extremist), stood for Glasgow Council on the platform of 'Save the Trees of Bellahouston Park'. It was suggested that some trees might be removed to accommodate the Pope. The park is a place of long vistas. . .
. . .and some lead somewhere. . .
This is the Palace of Art built for the Empire Exhibition of 1938; it's now an extension of Bellahouston Leisure Centre 

Caution Cyclists Ahead

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