Friday, 5 March 2010

Mela 2008

The Glasgow Mela - a celebration of South Asian culture held every June - is now a fixture in Kelvingrove Park. See
See also Mela 2010:

These ladies were lovely

Trapeze act

Balloons everywhere

There was great Indian and Pakistani food available; some opted for the chips and candy floss vans. . .

. . .but the Fast Food Falooda stall hit the spot

The dancers attracted a lot of attention. . .

. . .and you could hardly get near the stage for some reason

I've seen a lot of Indian dancing, and whoever this lot were they were as good as any I've seen

I guessed they must be professional, especially when they gathered round this tree to be photographed

No symbolism at all going on here

The fountain was a popular perch

A difference in sartorial style; the Mela is hailed as a coming together of all Scots - 'One Nation' as it says on website - yet the reality is that in everyday life there is not a lot of mixing going on; apart from the liberal middle classes of all shades and origins, Hindus and Sikhs (see Glasgow's Sikhs) don't mix that much with Muslims; the different Muslim  communities  have issues of their own; and for too many whites, all South Asians are still Pakis

All over there were little groups giving impromptu shows

A helpful signpost. . .

. . .leads you to the Lost Children

Sounds awfully patronising thing to say, but it was all really colourful

Mr Bones

Missed this procession alas

Familes could relax in perfect safety. The Mela is quietly but very efficiently policed. I saw a drunk come lurching into the Mela area just a few yards from here - within seconds, he was surrounded by cops who emerged from the shadows and quickly huckled him off - squeaking in outrage - to a police caravan, where he was possibly treated to a lecture on respecting other cultures. As so often in modern urban life, when you see a large and harmonious gathering in a public space, it is safe to assume you are seeing a monitored event

A wee rest

Quiet places 1

Quiet places 2

Quiet places 3

Quiet places 4

Quiet places 5

Quiet places 6
These dogs got a lot of pats

Note the hamster wheel on left

Never seen this before - guy was amazingly fit

I wondered if a sage would appear between the feather boas and start explaining the hamster wheel as a metaphor of some kind; I suppose it was just another fairground attraction

Going home (in step) with a tiger

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