Thursday, 18 March 2010


The West of Scotland Cricket Club was founded  in 1862 and is a true multicultural institution: Scots, Pakistanis, English,  Indians, Sikhs and people from all over mix happily here. A Glasgow MSP - Sandra White of the SNP - once declared that there was too much cricket on Scottish television and this wasn't right,  as it was a sport most Scots aren't interested in -
Ms White is perhaps not the sharpest tool in the SNP box, but even so she shouldn't have needed reminding that cricket is the third most popular sport in Scotland.

Like many east end Glasgow boys, I was puzzled by cricket - but Oor Wullie played it in the Sunday Post, so it must be Scottish somehow. Of course, the  sport most working-class Scots really don't take to is rugby, which outside the Borders is seen (unfairly of course) as a toff's game. But talking about that would mean talking about class in Scotland  rather than race, and no one wants to do that any more. See

December 2009 was pretty damn cold
Hillhead Cricket Club is also a popular institution
Cricket Christmas trees

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