Tuesday, 23 March 2010

City centre

'City Centre' is an arbitrary label here: Argyle Street is with Glasgow Cross, Buchanan and Sauchiehall Streets have their own sections, and Merchant City (when done) will encroach in all directions, But there's too much in between to miss out. This is the corner of West Nile St  and Bath St

Looking up Bath St from West Nile St
Bath St again

Bath St: note long turret sequence - always seemed a Rapunzel sort of bit at top


Really badly stitched panorama of Central Station along Argyle St - should really be in Glasgow Cross section with rest of Argyle St I suppose.
Central Station - this bit used to be called the 'Hielanman's Umbrella' 
The city centre has several spooky lanes and narrow streets - some bendy, some short, with some long and oddly disorientating perspectives (even during the day)
Love this lane -  reminds me of New York and Terry Gilliam's Brazil
Mitchell St

Gordon Lane, where the bins hang out
West Regent Lane. I cycled down this once and you pass strange and uninviting doors that look like as if they are from Neil Gaiman or Susannah Clarke novels; portals to the old faery realm under the hill

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