Saturday, 13 March 2010


The Burrell Collection was gifted to Glasgow in 1944 - the life collection of Sir William Burrell, it is an amazing magpie gathering of over 9000 works of art, bits of buildings, carpets, stained glass, sculptures, paintings,  etc etc from around the world. It is massively eclectic, though a few themes can be detected: Burrell liked Islamic art, for example.   His taste was good and his pockets were deep. See

The Virgin and St John the Evangelist: Spanish, late 13th century. . .
. . . they stand watch over the tomb of a 14th-century knight of the Espes family, probably a Grand Admiral of Aragon,  removed from a Spanish monastery.  The tomb reminds  me of the wonderful Charles Causley poem, 'A Ballad for Katherine of Aragon:
The Queen of Castille has a daughter
Who won't come home again
She lies on her breast in a cold stone chest
Under the arms of Spain

The woods
A quiet pool

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