Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Citizens Theatre

The Citizens Theatre (more commonly 'Citz')  is in Gorbals St. It's no longer the cultural hotspot it was in the 70s , the era of the Havergal/Prowse/MacDonald triumverate,  but is still one of the UK's great theatres. So many careers have started or blossomed here. I remember going in late to Romeo and Juliet, and being glowered at by the Friar (a young Jonathan Pryce). 

The theatre incorporates bits and bobs from demolished Glasgow  theatres, such as this beautiful Royal Princess's Theatre pane

Katie Morag's island of Struay. For a wider view of the stage, see the Taggart section

The Foyer has statues of Robert Burns (above), Shakespeare and four muses, which used to stand atop of the Princess's Theatre

Bard of Avon

These much-loved elephants (and the statues of 'Nautch' girls below) were rescued by Citz staff in 1977 when the Victorian palace Theatre was being demolished.  The Citz has four of the tuskers, and four Nautch statues - the Theatre Museum in London was given the remaining two of each.

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