Thursday, 25 March 2010

Clyde River Festival

The Glasgow River Festival was held each July on the Clyde at Glasgow Harbour - this is the Radio Clyde boat. The 2010 Festival has, alas, been cancelled by Glasgow Council as part of cuts in arts funding, despite the 2009 event generating over £1.5 million and bringing over 90,000 visitors to the city. See

The pedestrian bridge
Round the foot of the bridge, you get a whiff of old fog and a sense of the Glasgow that Atkinson Grimshaw painted,
For what lies behind these arches, see Taggart section.
The view west, out of the city
The view east, into the city
The Waverley, built in 1946 and the oldest seagoing paddle steamer in the world. See
A picture of the stern (these two pics are out of time with the rest, and were taken in that cold December of 2009)
The Tall Ship. See

The Seeing Glasgow buses
Bell's Bridge
Opening and closing, the bridge looks like a strange, skeletal winged creature

Pirate at the capstan

Busy at the BBC Scotland bit. I have said all I really have to say about BBC Scotland over at the demolition pic in Hillhead section (for more pics see Clydeside). Now of course it's a shiny new building, with shiny new people, and no dark secrets at all. . .
The pilot of this seaplane was having a great time buzzing up and down
Rescue dinghy
The Crown Hotel - no idea what it's like inside or how they fill all those rooms, but exterior is pleasing

Clyde-built Belly Dancers
They had a great time these girls - even in the rain
Running the Gauntlet

In the car park was an exhibition of rare and lovely cars: Wallace and Grommit would like this version of their old Austin
A fire engine from 1901

The Ayrshire Yeomanry Squadron - events such as this are strong recruiting opportunities for the armed services
Doing something on the bowsprit

Para Handy on the Vital Spark. The Para Handy stories are adored the world over.

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